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Gnanaratnam Giritharan, DVM, PhD (Senior Consultant; Stem Cell Research, Embryology)

Senior Embryologist, The Nevada Center for Reproductive Medicine, Reno, Nevada, USA

Dr. Gnanaratnam Giritharan has more than15 years of clinical and research experience in the field of developmental biology at the Nevada center for Reproductive Medicine, StemLifeLine Inc., University of California San Francisco School of Medicine and University of British Colombia. His research focuses on stem cell biology and optimization of ART procedures. Dr. Giritharan has a diverse background in human embryonic stem cell derivation, characterization, differentiation and banking, ART procedures such as IVF, ICSI and embryo biopsies for PGD and PGS, and isolation, characterization and drug screening of cancer stem cells from human embryonic stem cells and primary cancer tissues, as well as scientific/technical consulting in academic and industrial set-up. As a scientist at StemLifeLine Inc., he performed complex human embryo biopsies after laser assisted zona dissections and derived several human embryonic stem cell lines, including rare xeno-free lines from biopsied blastomeres. He has been actively involved in cutting edge reproductive and stem cell research, given numerous conference presentations and published many research articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is a member of ASRM and ISSCR.


  • Human embryonic stem cell derivation, characterization, differentiation and banking
  • Cancer stem cell isolation, characterization and drug screening
  • ART procedures and setting up ART laboratories
  • Complex molecular biology procedures such as microarrays, q-PCR etc